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Upper compartment will consist of approximately 120 to 150 assorted naga dip jars.

stocking naga dips is so simple

If you are a department store with a foodhall, a specialist beer or spirits shop, deli, butcher shop, local grocery, convenience store, coffee shop or a small food chain, petrol station or fine foods shop, you will want to have Naga dip's display stand.


Stocking our products has never been so easy, you don't even have to give us shelf space. We will provide our bespoke dip stand with all our stock on it. All you have to provide is a small amount of floor space and nothing else. Then watch your customers just buy dip after dip, after dip. (See image of naga dip stand).


The bespoke stand has been especially designed and made just for our dip range and tortilla chips. You don't even have to promote the product it does it all by itself with it's bright attracting imagery and product, which will attract the customers and create a new line of revenue stream for your business. What is unique about our dip range, firstly it's the largest range around in the UK.


Naga Dip have spent a good few years passionately  researching and developing this range, inspired by visits to the United States of America learning from both proffesional and house wives on what makes a great dip and understanding the dip culture, that exisits in that great nation.


Inspired by all this and more we developed our own innovative range of dips, which are handcooked, but more importantly we are passionate about our range of dips that will give your customers endless enjoyment snacking and for thoses who want extreme chilli heat we have Naga Extreme, in short there is something for everyone.


All our dips are hand made using fresh, natural and organic ingredients and we are also proud that we are creating a dip culture of our own here in the UK since there is no one else doing it. We have even taken a step further and created our range of original mexican corn tortilla chip line under our brand called "CACTUS MEXICANA".


As a part of our client care and service we also hold in-store tastings too, which help promote the product to your existing cusomters and new ones too, we also provide point of sale material too.


We hope we have sparked your interest, so please contact us with your contact details and information and a member of the sales team will be in touch.

lower compartment will consist of approximately 24 to 30 500gram Mexican tortilla chip bags.

Naga Dip display is supplied without charge to the client who wishes to sell our line of dips and chips, it's use is only for display and sale of Chilli Fest UK's Naga Dip & Cactus Mexicana Tortilla chip range. Any damage to the stand during it's stay at location of placement, the client is liable for repair costs to the stand.


The display stand remains the property of Chilli Fest UK at all time.