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Email review (5 star rating)

Anthony Jones

Lives in Wellinborough


Grabbed a few jars of garlic & pea dip, finished it at one sitting could not beleive how wonderful these dips are. Will be ordering online.

Email review (5 star rating)

Bonny Shah

Lives in Worthing


Awesome choice or should I say spoilt for choice, every dip is beautifully made, it is hard to choose a favourite, but If I had to choose I would go in for Naga Extreme and bullet, but I love them all.

Facebook review (5 star rating)

Ashanti Athwal

Lives in Woodford


I love pea, garlic & tomato I could eat them with anything and I do, ordered online got my jars within a few days. BIG smily face.

Email review (5 star rating)

David Vaughan

Lives in Redborn


Artichoke dip is the best, big thank you to the producers giving me advice on how to use Artichoke dip with melted cheese, mmm!

Email review (5 star rating)

Tim Smith

Lives in Letchworth


Deliciously addictive is one way to describe these dips, went throw the whole jar watching game of thrones.

Email review (5 star rating)

Venaya Jain

Lives in London


I am not a chilli enthusiast, but the tomato dip is simply divine, I use it in my cheese sandwich, it's just heaven.

Event review (5 star rating)

Gary Denim

Lives in Derby


Bought these dips at Derby Chilli Fest, went down a treat at Christmas, since then I order online, but please guys find stockists in my city.

Event review (5 star rating)

Linda Ward

Lives in Eastleigh


I stocked up when this company came to Eastleigh Chilli Fest and I could not stop samplng throw the whole event and now stocks are running low, thank God they sell online.

Email review (5 star rating)

Andy Dunn

Lives in Southport


I adore corn & vegetable dip, I eat it with everything, glad I picked up a number of jars knowing I won't see them again till the following year, but I will order online.

Event review (5 star rating)

Margret Coles

Lives in Stockport


This dip is so good, its the kind of thing you would not be to eager to share, all for me, me, me

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